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Public Speaking - COMM 2045: Course & Assignments

Primary Source Information

For some research topics, you may want to cite original documents, interviews, artwork, artifacts, novels, poetry, or music. These are primary sources, which were either created at the time of an event or created by a person who experienced an event. They offer a unique insight into a particular time or topic.

Find Credible Sources

Once you have your topic and a rough outline, you need credible resources to back up your main points. Not sure how to identify credible sources? Take the Research Tutorial!

Citation Guide

Most academic writing cites others' ideas and research. Ask your instructor which citation style (APA or MLA) to use for your speeches.

How citing sources benefits you:

  • Sources that support your ideas give your paper authority and credibility
  • Shows you have researched your topic thoroughly
  • Crediting sources protects you from plagiarism
  • A list of sources can be a useful record for further research