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COMM 2045: Public Speaking: 5. Practice Presenting

Overcoming Communication Anxiety

Communication Anxiety, commonly known as "stage fright," is a common issue facing students of public speaking. The good news is, communication anxiety typically can be overcome with the help of good speech preparation and practice. The following library resources offer extra help.

Incorporating Quotes Into Your Speech

  • Strategically placing quotes into your speech will enhance your argument and make your speech more credible. 
  • Think about where quotes will provide support. 
  • Try to use quotes that will interest the audience and add to the argument. Try not to use quotes that are too long- aim for 1-3 sentences.
  • Do not take a quote out of context.
  • When using a quote, think of ways to introduce it. 
    • Name the Author
    • Describe why the author is important to the topic you are presenting, this shows they are a credible source
  • Following the quote in use, incorporate transition words to move the discussion into how the quote applies to your argument.
  • If you are using a slideshow, make sure you properly cite sources within the slideshow- just like you would in a research paper.
Ex. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also known as the CDC is our nations health protection agency. They help monitor disease outbreaks and responses, provide the world with valuable health information, and work to save lives from health related threats. One such threat is Heart Disease, which continues to be a critical health problem in our country. The CDC estimates that "about 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year". Additionally, the CDC reveals that the majority of these deaths occur in southern states. Meaning, our communities, families, and friends could be potentially more at risk.

Practice in a Study Room

  • Study Rooms are great places to practice your speech!
  • Practice with a fake audience using Virtual Reality Equipment

Common Study Room Questions: