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Copyright for Instructors: Overview

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This information is intended for informational purposes only and not as legal advice. 

Copyright Law Basics

Using copyrighted materials for your class?

Include a notice of copyright on it (ex. “This work is copyrighted and provided for educational use only.”)

The TEACH Act addresses using copyrighted works on the LMS.

The TEACH Act allow us (at an accredited institution) to digitize and share copyrighted materials to our classes IF they:

  • Are legally acquired
  • Pertain to SPECIFIC teaching goals
  • Used in REASONABLE portions
  • Fit into a live classroom session
  • Include a notice of copyright protection

BUT there are some restrictions:

  • Work cannot be produced or marketed PRIMARILY for mediated instructional activities
  • Only currently enrolled students may access these works
  • Students cannot make the works available to others
  • Access must only be available to students for the NECESSARY time period to meet SPECIFIC teaching goals

Also, we CANNOT:

  • Circumvent copyright protection
  • Assign the work for HOMEWORK
  • Use the work as an electronic reserve
  • Put the work on the open Web