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Sharing Your Appalachian Experience on StoryCorps

Interview Questions

Don't forget to begin your interview with all participants introducing themselves and stating where they are recording from:  My name is (name). I am (age) years old (stating your age is optional). Today is (date), and I’m speaking with (partner’s name) who is my (relationship). I am recording this interview in (city), (state).

All recordings are audio only, not video.  

The interviews for this collection will focus on the theme of Appalachia.  Please feel free to use the following questions or make up some version of your own:  

  • What was it like to grow up in Appalachia? 
  • What are some good stories you have about growing up or living in Appalachia?
  • If you're new to Appalachia, how does it differ from the place you came from? How is it the same?
  • Tell me about what it means to you to be Appalachian.  
  • Tell me about what it means to you to be from East Tennessee (or wherever in Appalachia that you are from).  
  • Do you have a favorite author, artist, or singer from Appalachia? Why are they your favorite?
  • Where are some of your favorite places in Appalachia and why?
  • Is being from or living in Appalachia a part of your identity? How?
  • What are some of the stereotypes associated with Appalachia? How true are they in your experience?
  • Can you describe what someone from Appalachia is like? Are there traits that all Appalachians have?  What makes you think that? 
  • If you were describing your experience with Appalachia to someone who had never been here or even heard of it before, how would you describe it to help them to picture it visually? What is the landscape like, the types of stores, the population?
  • What types of sounds do you associate with Appalachia? What do you hear outside? What do you hear inside?
  • What types of tastes, smells, and foods are part of your memories that you think of as Appalachian?
  • What does Appalachia "feel" like to you (sense of touch)?