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Sharing Your Appalachian Experience on StoryCorps

5 Steps to Recording Your STORYCORPS App Interview

1) Create a free StoryCorps account. 

You can record and upload an in-person or remote interview to our community at The Appalachian Heritage Project from the Pellissippi State Community College Libraries.  All recordings are audio only, not video.  

For In-Person Interviews

For Remote Interviews:  Important Tip - Make sure to close all sites and apps that have access to your device's camera and microphone before using StoryCorps Connect.

2) Partner, Prep, and Place 

To record an interview, all you’ll need is a partner, some prep time, and a quiet place. Your partner can be anyone you’d like to get to know better.

  • Use interview questions about Appalachia from our list on this guide or write your own.
  • Share questions with your partner beforehand so that they can take time to think about how they will answer, or better yet, have a conversation with your partner about what thoughts and stories they would like to share.  
  • Arrange a time when both you and your partner will be relaxed, and choose a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted.   

3) Have a Conversation 

Follow the prompts in the app to begin recording, and let the conversation flow!

  • Begin your interview with all participants introducing themselves and stating where they are recording from: My name is (name). I am (age) years old (stating your age is optional). Today is (date), and I’m speaking with (partner’s name) who is my (relationship). I am recording this interview in (city), (state).
  • Listen closely, and let your chosen questions guide the discussion, not control it. Make sure you ask follow-up questions. You never know what unexpected and wonderful new things you will learn about a person – no matter how well you think you know them.

4) Enter Photo, Title, and Keywords 

After the interview, you’ll be prompted to take a selfie with your partner, and add a title, description, and keywords to your interview before uploading.

  • Titles should be descriptive to help you keep track of your conversations. Examples might be "My Mom's Life Growing up in Greenville, Tennessee" or "What it Means to Be Appalachian."
  • Keywords are like hashtags, making it easier for you and others to find your interview in our collection. 
  • When prompted to Share with a Community, choose The Appalachian Heritage Project from the Pellissippi State Community College Libraries.
    • If you are using the StoryCorps App, this option should appear automatically if you have joined with the community code LetsTalkAppalachia when creating your account.  You can always go back to Edit Your Account to enter this community code if you need to. 
    • If you are using StoryCorps Connect, the option should appear if you have visited The Appalachian Heritage Project from the Pellissippi State Community College Libraries and clicked "Join."

5) Share and Archive Your Interview 

In order to allow future generations to find, listen to, and learn from the stories you and your partner just shared, choose the option to Publish Interview and share your recording on the StoryCorps website where it will be archived at the Library of Congress. 

-- The above steps are adapted from StoryCorps Getting Started PDF.  For more information on conducting, recording, and archiving your interview, visit the Participate section of the StoryCorps website.  

For troubleshooting and more detailed how-tos, please visit the StoryCorps Help Center.