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BIOL 1010 Saylor: Teach a Lesson

Teach a Lesson

Create a lesson plan to teach 5th graders (10- to 11-year-olds) a biology topic relevant to this course for 15-20 minutes. Record a demonstration of the lesson with at least two volunteer students.

1. Proposal

Identify a biology topic relevant to this course that you intend to teach. For example, you could teach all the unique properties of water molecules, which was covered in Ch. 2. Then, in 250 words, describe your topic, based on your knowledge and the textbook (or another credible biology book), and what kind of activity you might do to have your students practice the content (ex. a game, think-pair-share, a related biology experiment, etc.).

2. Checkpoint

Create a lesson plan, including learning goals, needed materials, introduction, lesson, activity, and assessment. Practice the lesson plan to gauge how long each part should take and write those time markers for each section, so that you stay within your time allotment.

Make your lesson fun and engaging by asking questions about what your students already know and build on that knowledge in your lesson.

Find 3 credible articles that use the concept you are teaching, which you will mention at the beginning of your presentation to show your topic's importance. You could use a PowerPoint to introduce new concepts and add visuals to the lesson. Add notes about what you would say in each slide, if you intend to use it. Cite your sources.

Create a fun activity to help your students practice the new information, and description what students will do in detail.

Create a brief assessment to test that the students have successfully grasped the lesson. It could be a worksheet, Zoom survey, Google form, etc.

Find at least 2 volunteer students. Friends, family, or classmates of any age will do nicely.

3. Final Project

Record a 15-20-minute video on MS Teams or Zoom, demonstrating your lesson and activity with at least two students. Share the assessment results in the video. Upload it onto MS Stream and share the link on Brightspace. If you opted to use a PowerPoint, worksheet, or Google Form, also share these materials.