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BIOL 1010 Saylor: Correct Misinformation

Correct Misinformation

Create a poster to correct misinformation in a social media post, advertisement, video, label, etc. and write a 700-1000-word paper discussing the original misinformation and correcting it with credible information.

airborne package(at bottom) Airborne beta-immune booster is "clinically proven to boost your immune system."

1. Proposal

Identify a source of misinformation about a biology topic relevant to this class. Screen capture, download, or link to the source for reference. For example, you identify a post that suggests all fats are bad for your health and carbohydrates are preferable (Ch. 14). In 250 words, summarize the source's claims and, based on your knowledge and the textbook (or another credible biology book), what is wrong or misleading about those claims. You can use this text in your final project.

2. Checkpoint

Find 3 credible sources on the topic aside from your textbook, and create a factually-based poster to correct the misinformation. It should be visually pleasing and easy to understand. It can use diagrams, charts, graphs, and short bits of text. Cite your sources, providing links in the poster (ex. you could link words or phrases in your poster or add numbers that correspond to links at the bottom). To create the poster, you could use PowerPoint, Canva, Venngage, Piktochart, etc.

Upload your poster as a .pdf file and a References page in APA to Brightspace.

3. Final Project

Write a 700-1000-word APA paper, discussing the original misinformation and correcting it with credible information. Include an image of or link to the original source and your poster for reference. Cite your sources.

Upload your paper onto Brightspace.