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Seed Library, Pellissippi State Libraries 

Pellissippi State Community College Libraries are pleased to announce that we have a Seed Library available to all Pellissippi students, staff, and faculty, as well as community borrowers. The collection is comprised of generously donated organic and heirloom seeds, including vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and grains/cover crops. Seed packets are free to borrow, however we encourage each borrower to take the time and effort to collect seeds from their harvest and return them to the seed library; This allows for a sustainable collection. The library offers many resources on growing, collecting, and saving seeds, in addition to many other gardening, farming, and sustainability resources. In addition, the seed library provides handouts and other information resources produced by the Tennessee Master Gardeners, the University of Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture, and other reliable sources. Stop by our libraries today to check them out!

A big thank you to our generous seed donors!