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Recording Audio & Video: Video Projects

A guide for audio and visual recording projects.

Recording Options

What is a Screencast?

A screencast is a video recording of actions that take place on a computer screen, including text entry, mouse movement, and clicking from one item to the next. Audio from the computer or narration can be recorded as well. Screencasting is a useful way to demonstrate software or online tools, and it is how many how-to videos on Youtube are created.

Free Tools

Tips & Tricks

  • Close email and any other programs that might display alert messages on the desktop.
  • Keep the screencast short and to the point.
  • Do a practice run (or several) before recording.
  • While recording, type and navigate around the screen slowly. Keep the mouse pointer out of view when you are not using it.
  • After recording, preview the screencast to make sure it is complete and easy to follow.
  • If recording without audio, make note of it so that the viewer isn't waiting for audio to work.
  • If recording with audio, create a script to practice beforehand. Speak clearly and match what you say to what is happening on the screen.

Once you have created a screencast, upload it to Youtube or Vimeo (two free hosting options) to view it and share with others.

Screencast-O-Matic 2017 Tutorial Screencastomatic Screen Recording Tool

Available from Youtube.