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Recording Audio & Video: Home

A guide for audio and visual recording projects.

Recording Tools

Recording/Editing Software


  • GarageBand (Mac)
  • Audacity (Download Free)


  • iMovie (Mac)
  • Movie Maker (PC)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Recording Room Only)
  • Skype (Download Free)
  • Screencast-O-Matic (Free Web Service)

Recording Projects

Recording Room at Hardin Valley

recording room

The Hardin Valley Library provides a study room (ER 230) for audio and visual recording projects. Equipment is available for use in the room:

  • Mac Mini desktop computer
  • TV monitor
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Audio amplifier
  • Professional microphone
  • Webcam

A kit containing most of this equipment can be checked out at the Hardin Valley Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Recording Off-Campus

If you'd like to start a recording project outside of the library or off campus, various equipment are available for check out:

  • HD Camcorders
  • Laptops with built-in microphone & webcam
  • iPads with built-in microphone & webcam and GarageBand app
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • Headphones and tripods

Why Use Multimedia? 

Use any combination of text, images, video, animation, music, and/or voice narration to add creativity and interactivity to an assignment. You can add audio or video to a PowerPoint presentation, or create a screencast (recording and narration of your actions on a computer screen). You can present an argument through podcasting, or record an interview with someone else as an information source. 


Before starting a project, consider the following:

Audience: Who is your audience? Are you aiming to teach or entertain them? 

Time: When is the project due, and how much time do you have to figure out the software or technology needed? Is there a time limit on how long or short the recording should be? 

Goals: What do you hope to accomplish, and how will multimedia help you reach your goals? Where can you find inspiration to be successful? 


When you have decided on a project, how do you proceed?

Equipment: Will you need a microphone or a webcam? What software do you have access to? 

Best Practices: Is there a right or wrong way to complete the project? Can you find recording and editing tips? 

Recording: Reserve the recording room at Hardin Valley, check out a digital audio recorder, or check out a laptop equipped with internal microphone and webcam. 


After recording your audio or video:

Edit: Polish your project by removing silent gaps or stumbles in the recording, and re-record as needed. Find a software tutorials for help with editing.

Copyright: Feel free to add content to your project that has been created by others, but only if it does not violate copyright. Do you see a Creative Commons License? 

Publish: Store and share your multimedia online. Consider the best platform for audio or video. You may want to add a transcript or captions for accessibility.


And always save your work to the H Drive, a USB flash drive, or your preferred cloud storage!