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Instructor Services: Add Course Reserves

Reserve Items

Instructors can put library materials, personal copies of items, and photocopies (in compliance with copyright law) on reserve at any campus library for students to check out for 2 hours of in-library use. If requesting a different loan period, we will review the request and confirm if we are able to make the accommodation. 

  1. Search the online catalog to check if the item is already on reserve. The location for reserve items is "Reserve Room."
  2. Drop the items off with a library staff member at a Circulation/Service Desk at any PSCC Campus Library with the following information:
  • The instructor's name and contact information, the course code (ex. COLL 1000), the name of the campus where you would like the item to be placed on reserve, and how long you would like the item to remain on reserve. You can download and print a Reserve Request Form (below) which will prompt you to complete all of this information and attach it to the materials you are delivering to the library. 
  • A full citation for all photocopied items.
  • For student-created items, include a Student-Created Materials Release Form.

Allow 48 hours for processing before sending students to use the materials. Items requested to be placed on reserve within two weeks before or two weeks after the first day of the semester may experience processing delays due to the volume of items submitted during this time period. If the items need immediate processing please let us know and we will do our best to expedite the process.

Any questions? Please contact

Number of Copies

One copy of an item is usually adequate for reserve use. Large classes may need a second copy.


The library does not purchase textbooks used for Pellissippi courses. You may put personal or departmental copies of textbooks on reserve. Ask the publisher if they can provide a copy of your textbook at no charge to put on reserve.

Excerpts from Copyrighted Sources

Any materials printed or photocopied from a copyrighted source must include a full citation. Otherwise, processing may be delayed until a citation is provided. Copies will be accepted and held on reserve in accordance with Copyright Law.

Student-Created Materials on Reserve

Student-created works (ex. sample project or research paper) put on reserve must be accompanied by a release form. Works cannot be processed until the release is received.

Items Not Owned by the Library or Instructor

Items borrowed from other libraries or borrowed through Interlibrary Loan may not be put on reserve. However, we may be able to purchase a copy.

End-of-Term Review

At the end of each term, you are asked to review a list of your reserve items and update it for the following term. Unused items are removed from reserve.
  • Excerpts from copyrighted sources may only be put on reserve for one term without written permission from the copyright owner. To use the same photocopied item in subsequent terms, you should request permission, allowing adequate time to receive an answer from the copyright holder.
  • All items will be removed from reserve if the library is not notified that they will be needed for the next term.
  • Items belonging to you will be returned to your department via campus mail when they are removed from reserve.

Risk to Reserve Items

While we strive to keep all materials secure, please be aware that there is a slight risk of damage to or loss of your items put on reserve.

Copyright and Reserve

Due to copyright restrictions, we may not always be able to accept copied materials for reserve. However, we can suggest alternatives, so that you may make full use of our reserve services. See Pellissippi State Libraries' Copyright Guide for Instructors to better understand the legal and ethical use of copyrighted materials in educational settings.

Release Form - Student Created Items

Any student-created work sent to the library for reserve use must be accompanied by a signed release form or a signed statement from the student allowing its use. The materials cannot be processed until the release is received.