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Collection Development: Reconsider Library Materials

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For additional information on books, periodicals, videos, or for information on library acquisitions policies, please review the library's Collection Development Policy.

Reconsider Library Materials Request

Use this form to contact a librarian regarding concerns over current library materials.



1. Tell Us About the Item


Please provide as much information as possible:

Publication Date: 
Type of Material:
Book Periodical

2. Tell Us About You:

Please provide us with your individual information in case we have a question regarding your order,  and so that we can notify you once the material has been cataloged.

Complaintant Represents:
Himself / Herself
Group / Organization
Organization Address:
Have you read, viewed,
or heard the entire work?
Yes No
Have you been able to discuess this work with the librarian who ordered it?
Yes No
To what in the material in question do you object? Please be specific: cite pages, scenes, etc.
What do you feel might be the result of using this marterial?
What do you understand to be the general purpose of this work?
Providing support for the college curriculum and programs:
Yes No
Providing an opporunity to widen the users' thinking or to enrich their lives:
Yes No
Providing fulfillment of recreational needs:
Yes No
Providing support and development of the teaching methods of the faculty:
Yes No
Does the general purpose of the material, as described by the librarian, seem suitable to you?
Yes No
If no, please explain:
What do you think is the general purpose of the author/creator of this material?
Are you aware of the professional critical judgement of this material?
Yes No
Would you like the librarian to give you copies of the written professional reviews of this material?
Yes No
Do you have negative reviews of the material?
Yes No
If so, where were they published?
Are you willing to provide copies of the reviews you have collected?
Yes No
What would you like the library to do about this material?  
If you are of the opinion that it should not be available, what material would you recommend that would convey as valuable a picture and perspective of the subject treated?


3. Submit Your Reconsideration:


The complaintant agrees to attend any meetings related to this complaint. Failure to attend any meeting will constitute a withdrawal of the complaint.


Thank you for your request.