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News Literacy: Filter Bubbles

Filter BubblesCaution sign

Filter bubbles can alter what you see.


When you search in Google the results you see are based on factors such as location, keywords, and search history enabling the results you see to differ from person to person. 

Social Media

Social media uses algorithms to deliver personalized information based on your interests. While this can seem beneficial, it causes us to remain inside our personal bubbles and keeps us sheltered from the greater picture, leading to strong biases and naivety.

How to Burst Your Filter Bubbles

Burst graphic containing the word "PFFOOM!"The best way to burst your filter bubble is by viewing news from a variety of sources of news and information, and by talking with others outside of your normal circle of people. Get to know the people around you, discuss ideas, and try to understand things from other's perspectives. Through this we can develop a deeper knowledge of truth and understanding of the world around us.