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News Literacy: Evaluating Sources

About Us

When determining if a news site is real or reputable, check for an "About Us" page. This is a good indicator of the sites validity, and will also provide insight into their motives, potential biases, etc. If a page doesn't have an "About" section, stay skeptical.

"About Us"

The New York Times

The "about us" page of the New York Times, titled "Who We Are," clearly states their mission or core purpose, who their leadership is, the culture behind their organization- including their standards and ethics, which you can see in this image. Additionally they include areas of social responsibility. Having this information along with their reputation for being a trusted news source, we can feel confident that the information provided on their website is credible and trustworthy.

The New York Times "Who We Are" page

New Republic

New Republic is a news site which it states was founded as a "journal of opinion." On their About page they state that they intend to push a progressive agenda with intent to "challenges popular opinion." This does not mean that they are a fake news site, but they make the reader aware that they are publishing information that is biased to their agenda. We are not provided any information on their leadership.

The Onion

The "About" page for The Onion makes broad, boastful statements in a melodramatic way, with the intended purpose of providing entertainment through satire. They include a list of frequently asked questions, but do not provide information on their leadership. Even for those unfamiliar with this site, by reviewing this page we can assume they are not an reliable new source.

Screenshot: About The Onion

American News

The American News website does not provide any information on the organization or its publisher(s). The only pages outside of the home page and its articles are Inquiries, which allows you to contact them via an online form; subscribe to their newsletter; or read their Privacy Policy.

Screenshot: American News

NPR, National Public Radio

NPR is a non-profit, publicly funded organization designed to bring public awareness to issues around the globe. On their About page they talk about "great storytelling and rigorous reporting," and include overview information about the organization as well as details on their rigorous reporting; independence; connections to communities; their immersion in capturing the full spectrum of people, places, and ideas; and innovation in their reporting methods.

Screenshot: About NPR