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How to Research: Media



  • Videos - documentaries, feature films, streaming video, etc.
  • Audio - podcasts, music recordings, sound files, etc.
  • Images - art, photography, graphics, maps, etc.

Useful For

  • Supplementary information that cannot be conveyed through text
  • Primary sources (ex. interviews)
  • Adding visual or interactive interest to presentations
  • Providing examples or clarifying information

Points to Consider

  • It can sometimes be difficult to determine the person or group responsible for multimedia content, especially if accessed via the Web. Authoritative content should have this information readily available or should be reasonably simple to discover.
  • Copyright considerations must be taken very seriously when using multimedia images from the Web. Material found through the library databases is permissible for academic, noncommercial use.
  • For help citing multimedia resources, see the MLA & APA Citation Guide or consult the appropriate style manual for detailed instructions.

How to Search for Multimedia

  • On the list of databases page, pull down the "All Database Types" tab to limit the databases to images, videos, and more.