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Reserve Items

Faculty may place library materials, personal copies of items, and photocopies (in compliance with copyright law) on reserve at any campus location for use by students. Most reserve items have a 2-hour loan period and are designated for in-library use only.  Discuss the availability of a longer loan period, if needed, with the circulation staff.

To Place an Item on Reserve

  1. Search the Online Catalog to see if a title is on reserve. If an item is on reserve, the location information will include PSCC Reserve Room.
  2. Bring or forward items for reserve to the circulation desk for classes offered at the Hardin Valley Campus, or to the appropriate campus library service desk for classes offered at other campus locations (please contact the circulation librarian at the Hardin Valley Campus if you need to place items on reserve at Strawberry Plains). You will be asked to complete a form at the desk. If you do not deliver the items in person, please include the following information with the items: your name and contact information, the course number, and the loan period desired.
  3. Please allow 24 hours for processing before sending students to the library to use the materials. Items are processed as quickly as possible, however, backlogs can occur especially at the beginning of a semester. Please remind your students to take their Pellissippi State ID cards with them when they plan to use reserve materials in order to check out reserve items. Include a full citation with ALL photocopied materials and a release form (student-created materials release form) with all student-originated materials. Otherwise, processing of the items may be delayed.

Number of Copies.  One copy of an item is usually adequate for reserve use. For large classes, you might consider placing a second copy on reserve.

Textbooks. The library does not purchase textbooks used for Pellissippi State courses. Faculty may bring in personal or departmental copies of textbooks to place on reserve.  Check with the publisher to see if they are willing to provide a copy of a textbook for your course at no charge that can be placed on reserve.

Excerpts from Copyrighted Sources. Any materials printed or photocopied from a copyrighted source must include a full citation. Otherwise, processing may be delayed until a citation is provided. Copies will be accepted and held on reserve in accordance with Copyright law.

Student-Created Materials on Reserve. Any student-created work (i.e. sample project or research paper) placed on reserve must be accompanied by a release form. Otherwise, the materials will not be processed until the release is received. Student-Created Materials Release Form

Items Not Owned by the Library or the Instructor.  Items borrowed from other libraries or borrowed through Interlibrary Loan may not be placed on reserve.

End-of-Term Review.  At the end of each term, faculty members will be asked to review a list of their reserve items and update it for the following term. Items not being used during the next semester will be removed from reserve.
  • Excerpts from copyrighted sources may only be placed on reserve for one term without written permission from the copyright owner. So faculty members who want to use the same photocopied item in subsequent terms should request permission, allowing adequate time to receive an answer from the copyright holder.
  • All items will be removed from reserve if the Library is not notified that they will be needed for the next term.
  • In the absence of other instructions, items belonging to the faculty member will be returned to their department via campus mail when they are removed from reserve.

Risk to Reserve Items. While the library strives to keep all materials secure, please be aware that there may be a slight risk of damage to or loss of any of your personal copies of items placed on reserve.

Copyright and Reserve. Due to copyright restrictions, we may not always be able to accept copied materials for reserve. We may, however, be able to suggest alternatives. Please feel free to discuss your reserve needs with us. We want you to make the fullest possible use of our reserve services. Please see the College's copyright policy at:  Pellissippi State Use of Copyrighted Materials Policy.

The Campus Guide To Copyright Compliance may also be useful in understanding the legal and ethical use of copyrighted materials in educational settings.

Additional copyright resources can be found in the PSCC Libraries' Copyright Research Guide.


Release Form - Student Created Items

Any student-created work sent to the library for reserve use must be accompanied by a signed release form or a signed statement from the student allowing the usage. The materials will not be processed until the release is received.

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Library - Reserve


 Release Form Giving Faculty Permission to Use Student-Created Materials For Library Reserve:





The faculty member named above has my permission to place the following paper(s) or other item(s) that I created on reserve in the library to be used as an example for other students.


Title or Brief Description of the  paper/item:                                                                                                                                                          


Use is restricted to the following time period:                                                                                                                 



Student Signature