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Leisure Reading


Using This Guide

Tired of searching for your next great read? Search no more!

This guide is intended to help you find books from the Pellissippi State Libraries' leisure reading collection. In this guide, you will find books from across Pellissippi's State Libraries' four campuses. Just click on the book that interests you and your will immediately be able to place a request for the book to be delivered to your closest campus. 

Navigating the Guide

Use the menu of the left-hand side of the screen to search for titles by genre. Need help choosing a book? Check out our "What We're Reading" for book reviews written by Pellissippi students, staff, and faculty. 

About Leisure Reading

What is It?

“Leisure reading, also known as recreational reading, pleasure reading, free voluntary reading, and independent reading, is independent, self-selected reading of a continuous text for a wide range of personal and social purposes. It can take place in and out of school, at any time. Readers select from a wide range of extended texts, including but not exclusive to narrative fiction, nonfiction, picture books, e-books, magazines, social media, blogs, websites, newspapers, comic books, and graphic novels. Leisure reading is generally intrinsically or socially motivated and a pleasurable activity for the reader.” 

--International Reading Association

Leisure Reading and Student Success

You may not realize it, but taking time out of your day to read for fun can help you become a better student. Check out the articles below to learn how leisure reading improves language and literacy skills, reduces stress, and supports students pursuing careers in care-oriented professions, such as medicine.