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Veteran Resources: Veterans Services Textbook Program

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This is a collection of grant-funded textbooks to help Student Veterans reduce their education costs. These are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis for student veterans to use for one semester.

Policy & Procedure 

Library Staff have a list of eligible students and will only lend to those on the list. Eligibility is based on proof of military service on file at either the Admissions or Financial Aid office. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Veterans Services. 

  1. Find your book below   *Be aware that ​​Instructors may require different books than those listed here
  2. Get the book at the Hardin Valley Library Circulation Desk. You may first reserve the book by clicking the title. You may have the book sent to other campuses by selection. Please allow 1-2 days before checking with your campus library.
  3. You must have your Student Identification Card, or a different valid photo I.D. (if you know your Pnumber).
  4. Please return all books in good condition ​when the semester is finished or your account will be put on hold and you will pay a fee.

Contact: Hardin Valley Campus Circulation Desk 865.694.6516

Director of Veterans Services: Trevor Harvey: 865.539.7368


Includes: Accounting (ACCT), Advertising (ADV), Administration Professional (ADMN), Business Administration (BUSN), Computer Information Technology (CITC)/(CSIT), Computer Science (CISPCulinary Arts (CULA), Economics (ECON), Hospitality (HSP), Paralegel Studies(LEGL) 

ADMN 2311

ADMN 2313

BUSN 1305

BUSN 1380

BUSN 2330

BUSN 2380

BUSN 2385


CISP 1010

CISP 1020

CISP 2410

CITC 1303

ECON 2010

ECON 2020

WEB 1600

APE 1015

EET 1012

MET 1012

MET 1100

MET 2250

MET 2270

MET 2310

COLL 1500

ENGL 1010

ENGL 1020

ENGL 2110, 2120

ENGL 2210, 2220

ENGL 2310

ENGL 2320

ENGL 2331

ENGL 2810

Liberal Arts Includes:

  • Communication Studies: Speech, Mass Communication, Journalism
  • Fine Arts: Art, Music,Theatre
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: History, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Political Science, Social work, Sociology, Women's studies
  • Modern Languages: American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German and Spanish​

ART 2010, 2020

ART 2020

CRMJ 1010

CRMJ 2020

HIST 1010

HIST 1020

HIST 1110,1120

HIST 2010

HIST 2020

MUS 1030

PHIL 1500

PHIL 2400

POLS 1030

SOCI 1010

SOCI 2010

SOCI 2020

SPAN 1010/1020

SPCH 2100

THEA 1030

Natural & Behavioral Sciences include:

  • Natural:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • Behavioral: Anthropology, Psychology

BIOL 1110

BIOL 1120

BIOL 2010

BIOL 2020

GEOL 1000

GEOL 1040

GEOL 1050

CHEM 1010, 1020

CHEM 1120

PHYS 2010

PSYC 1030

PSYC 2100

PSYC 2130

SWRK 2010

PHED 2520


PHED 1100

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