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Look for these Icons!

Keep an eye out for these icons when you're looking for business & finance resources in the library and on our website:

Library Icon H for Social Sciences     Library Icon J for Political Science     Library Icon K for Law


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Books in the PSCC Library

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Call Numbers

Use these call numbers to browse the circulating and reference collections:
  • HD (Commerce)
  • HD 28-70 (Management)
  • HF (Business)
  • HF 5400 (Marketing)
  • HF 5800 (Advertising)
  • HG (Finance)

Subject Headings


  • Advertising
  • Commercial Art
  • Market Surveys
  • Publicity
  • Selling
  • Subliminal Projection


  • Electronic Commerce
  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Finance 


  • Career Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Small Business
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