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Virtual Reality: Content & Collection Policy

A guide on virtual reality resources and library equipment.

Exporting from Tilt Brush

Design 3D Artwork

Did you know that you can export a 5-second GIF from Tilt Brush?

360 Video Content

Immersive Cinematic Experience

Explore virtual reality with 360-degree video footage: award-winning documentaries by the United Nations, news reporting, concerts, scientific or cultural tours. 

Want to preview without a VR headset? Use any of the links below to watch right in your browser. Just click and drag your mouse to look around!

VR Collection Policy

How do we select content?

The Libraries purchase virtual reality applications in accordance with our Collection Development Policy. While we do accept recommendations, primary consideration will be given to resources which support the academic curriculum, receive positive reviews and industry awards, and accommodate institutional purchasing and licensing.