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iPads for Students & Faculty: Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

  • Encourage and support learning any time of day, in any location including in class, on campus, at home, in the workplace, on outings and in-transit.

  • Make learning more convenient, more accessible and more sensitive to learners’ individual needs and circumstances.

  • Enable instructors to maintain a supportive dialogue (synchronous and/or asynchronous) with learners regardless of location.

  • Enable instructors to provide differentiated learning activities to suit different learning styles or preferences and different ability levels.

  • Encourage and support both independent and collaborative learning.

  • Support revision and help learners who may have missed lessons to catch up.

  • Enable technological support for learning on campus (including classroom) instead of previous experiences, having to go elsewhere to use computers.

  • Help to overcome the digital divide between learners who have broadband access at home and those who do not.

  • Include formative assessment that is more enjoyable for learners than paper based activities


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