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Public Speaking - COMM 2045: Informative Speech

Informative Speech

With an informative speech, the goal is to educate the audience about a specific topic. It is important to remain bias free and to present the topic in a way that does not persuade, but rather provides substantial information about a topic. After the presentation, the audience should be knowledgeable enough to make an informed opinion and remember the key details about the subject. A well-presented informative speech should be easy to understand, yet in depth enough to convey key information.

Step 1- Find a Topic

To give a great informative speech you first need to Find a Topic. 

  • Remember, you want to find a topic that interests you and that you can educate your audience about!
  • Make sure you check out our Find A Topic page for even more great resources

Step 2- Research 

  • Once you've found a topic, you will need to begin researching. Through research you will find sources that have information you need for your assignment.
  • Pay attention to how many sources your professor is asking for and what types of sources they require for the assignment!
  • Learn more about the 3 Basic Sources and Primary Sources you will use in your assignment, in our page list

Step 3- Evaluate