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New Videos: February 2017

February 2017

all descriptions taken from or DVD packaging

Born fighting / produced by STV Productions and Smithsonian Channel in association with UTV ; producer/director, Grace Chapman
Blount County

"Honors the men and women who fought for independence in the wilds of Scotland, battled for their faith in Ireland and ultimately, brought their values, culture and fighting spirit to early America."

E184.S4 B67 2010

For the greater good: Norris Dam at 80 / WBIR-TV ; TEGNA
Blount County

"In 1933 the mountaineers who lived along the banks of the Clinch and Powell Rivers had little notion of how their lives would be drastically changed in a matter of months. The creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the construction of Norris Dam not only changed their lives, it altered the path of the entire region."

HD211.H2 W36 2016

The pilgrims / a Steeplechase Films and WETA production in association with the BBC and CTVC for American Experience ; producer, Leigh Howell, Robin Espinola, Bonnie Lafave and Ric Burns ; written and directed by Ric Burns

"Commemorated each year at Thanksgiving, no chapter in American history has been more clouded in myth, legend and venerable cliche than the story of the Pilgrims."

F68 .A44 2015



The anytime attorney: legal information on demand 24/7 / LAET Legal Aid of East Tennesee
Division Street

A guide for those seeking legal assistance. Also addresses General Sessions Court processes.

KF336.L47 T45 2016


Infinite secrets: the genius of Archimedes / a BBC/WGBH Boston co-production ; directed and produced by Liz Tucker

"Twenty-two centuries after Archimedes wrote his most revealing mathematical work, and eight centuries after a Christian monk erased what may have been the last surviving copy, the lost treatise has turned up and is being deciphered in a Baltimore museum. This film tells the story of the manuscript's amazing discovery, how modern technology is being used to read it, and its mathematically startling contents."

QA31 .I54 2003

The great math mystery / written by Dan McCabe ; produced and directed by Dan McCabe, Richard Reisz ; a Nova Production for WGBH Boston

"Astrophysicist Mario Livio, along with a colorful cast of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, follow math from Pythagoras to Einstein and beyond, all leading to the ultimate riddle: Is math an invention or a discovery? Humankind's clever trick, or the language of the universe? Join Nova for a mathematical mystery tour, a provocative exploration of math's astonishing power across the centuries."

QA8.4 .G74 2015

Fractals: hunting the hidden dimension / a Quest Productions and Kikim Media production for Nova ; WGBH Educational Foundation ; produced and directed by Michael Schwarz and Bill Jersey

"Nova takes viewers on a fascinating quest with a group of pioneering mathematicians determined to decipher the rules that govern fractal geometry. Their remarkable findings are deepening our understanding of nature and stimulating a new wave of scientific, medical and artistic innovation, stretching from the ecology of the rainforest to fashion design."

QA614.86 .F73 2009



Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the lightning thief / 20th Century Fox ; produced by Karen Rosenfelt, Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan, Mark Radcliffe ; screenplay by Craig Titley ; directed by Chris Columbus

"Percy Jackson is no ordinary teenager, he's the son of Poseidon and is accused of stealing Zeus' lightning bolt, the most powerful weapon ever created! With storm clouds brewing, Percy embarks on an incredible cross-country journey to prove his innocence, recover the bolt, and prevent a war among the gods that could destroy our world!"

PN1997.2 .P47 2010