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Citation: Business Sources

Business Sources

Because the APA style manual does not provide examples for every single type of resource, these examples have been adapted for common business resources.

  • If no author, use a corporate author (ex. company, association, or group responsible for the content).
  • If no publication date, use the abbreviation n.d. for "no date."

Company Profile in Business Insights: Global

Gale Cengage Learning is the corporate author of the company profiles in Business Insights: Global. Company profiles obtained from other sources will have different authors.

Gale Cengage Learning period parenthesis n period d period parenthesis period Safeway comma Inc period [Company profile] period Retrieved from Business & Company Resource Center database period

SWOT Analysis in Business Insights: Global

GlobalData is the corporate author of SWOT analyses accessed through Business Insights: Global.

GlobalData period parenthesis n period d period parenthesis period Target Corp period [S period W period O period T period analysis] period Retrieved from Business Insights colon Essentials period

Value Line Investment Survey

Include the publication date, starting with the year and then the month and day.

Value Line Publishing period parenthesis 2011 comma January 7 parenthesis period Apple comma Inc period Value Line Investment Survey period Retrieved from Value Line Research Center database period

No Author

If you do not know the author, begin with the title of the data set.

[West Knox County demographic data] period parenthesis 2010 parenthesis period Unpublished raw data period Retrieved from BusinessDecision database period

Chart, Graph, Table, etc.

In LexisNexis Academic, the corporate author of a table and its publication date can usually be found directly beneath the table.

Graph and Citation Format for Annual Income Statement from Morningstar US Institutional Database 

Morningstar comma Inc period parenthesis 2011 comma February 11 parenthesis period Ruby Tuesday comma Inc period colon Income statement parenthesis Annual parenthesis period [Table] period Retrieved from LexisNexis Academic database period

Data Set

Pew Hispanic Center period parenthesis 2004 parenthesis period Changing channels and crisscrossing cultures colon A survey of Latinos on the news media [Data file and code book] period Retrieved from http colon//pewhispanic dot org/datasets/