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Citation: Website


Key Elements

  1. Author
  2. Year of Last Update
  3. Web Page Title (italicized)
  4. If Likely to Change: Retrieval Date
  5. URL of Web Page (no period at the end)

Web Page (7.11)

Prizker comma T period J period (n periodd period) period An early fragment from central Nepal period Retrieved June 8 comma 2016 from https://www periodingress periodcom/~astanart/pritzker/pritzker periodhtml

No Author (7.11, 7.01.9)

If no author can be found, begin the citation with the title of the Web page.

Africa colon Arts and cultures period parenthesis 2009 parenthesis period Retrieved from http colon//www dot britishmuseum dot org/explore/world_cultures/africa/africa_arts_and_culture dot aspx

Blog (7.11.76)

If no author's name, use the screen name. Use the year, month, and day for the date of publication.

Lessig comma L period parenthesis 2009 comma April 26 parenthesis period Architects of openness [Web log message] period Retrieved from http colon//lessig dot org/blog/2009/04/architects_of_openness dot html