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Your Assignment

You will be writing a fiction story based on real life information. You will find 6-8 resources (4 must be from print sources) that help you to write a 6-8 page (double-spaced) story in a particular genre and then produce an annotated bibliography of the resources. Each annotation should be one page.

Your genre choices are:

  • tall tale
  • realism
  • ghost story
  • horror
  • historical novel
  • contemporary fairy tale
  • science fiction
  • children's story
  • fantasy
  • graphic novel (you must be able to draw)
  • beast fable

If, during your research, you have questions, feel free to contact me or any research librarian for assistance.

What is an annotated bibliography?

Cite your source in MLA citation and underneath it, write a description and evaluation of the source. For this assignment, the annotation should be one page and include a paragraph about why you chose the source and one about how you used the source in your story.