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Linking Directly to Database Content: 1. Find the Permanent Link

Find out how to create a direct link to full-text articles, video, and other media in the databases.

Find Persistent Links

How to Find Permanent Links in our Databases

The location of the permanent link varies from vendor to vendor and sometimes even from database to database. We have provided information on how to locate persistent links in some of the most heavily-used databases. If your database is not listed here, you may still be able to find such a link. Some common terms to look for in databases are:

  • bookmark
  • document link, URL, or address
  • permalink
  • permanent URL or link
  • persistent URL or link

Database Types

Many of our databases come from just a handful of vendors, who give their products a particular look and organization. So, Gale databases like Academic OneFile and Science in Context are organized similarly, and EBSCO databases like OmniFile and EBSCO eBook Collection are organized similarly. Often, you can find the permanent link in the same spot for databases that have the same vendor.


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