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Ask A Librarian: Ask A Librarian

The Ask A Librarian Question Service offers answers to reference and research questions.

Ask a Librarian

When on campus during regular Library Hours, please visit the Reference Desk for research assistance.

We are located in Room 143 of the Educational Resource Center (ERC), directly to the left of the entrance.


During Office Hours:

During Library Hours:

1. Compose SMS/Text message to 66746

2. Start message with keyword: pslib

3. Send message

[Example: pslib can you suggest books about urban legends?]



Scan the QR Code below with your smartphone to start your text message.


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To chat with a librarian, click the green Ask a Question tab on the right side of this page.

Chat is available during library hours.

The AskRef page is optimized for mobile users at the link below.

  This Ask-A-Librarian Service offers answers to reference and research question.

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