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MLA & APA Citation: Article or Report

Article or Report

Key Elements

  1. Author
  2. Publication Date (Year, Month Day for Newspapers)
  3. Article Title
  4. Publication Title (italicized)
  5. Journal or Magazine: Volume and Issue Number
  6. Page Number(s)
  7. Online: DOI or Publication's Homepage URL (no period at the end)

One Author (7.01)

List the author by surname and first and middle initials only. For the title, do not use quotes and only capitalize the first word of the title and subtitle and proper nouns


Two-Seven Authors (7.01)

List each author as they appear in the article. Use ampersand (&) rather than "and."

Wenneker comma C period P period comma Wigbolus comma D period H period comma & Spears comma R period parenthesis 2005 parenthesis period Biased language use in stereotype maintenance colon The role of encoding and goals period Journal of Personality and Social Psychology comma 89 parenthesis 4 parenthesis comma 504-516 period doi colon 10 period 1037/0022-3514 period 89 period 4 period 504

Eight or More Authors (7.01.02)

List the first six authors, put an ellipses (...), and list the last author.

Alloy comma L period B period comma Bender comma R period E period comma Wagner comma C period A period comma Whitehouse comma W period G period comma Abramson comma L period Y period comma Hogan comma M period E period comma … Harmon-Jones comma E period parenthesis 2009 parenthesis period Bipolar spectrum-substance abuse co-occurrence colon Behavioral approach system parenthesis BAS parenthesis sensitivity and impulsiveness as shared personal vulnerabilities period Journal of Personality and Social Psychology comma 97parenthesis 3 parenthesis comma 549-565 period doi colon 10 period 1037/a0016061

No Author (7.01.9)

Begin with the article title.

Roane announcement set period parenthesis 2009 comma September 13 parenthesis period Knoxville News Sentinel comma p period B2 period

Journal Article (7.01.1)

Only include the publication year (not month).

Roselle comma A period parenthesis 2008 parenthesis period Community college library practices in developmental education period Journal of Developmental Education comma 32parenthesis 2 parenthesis comma 24-32 period

Has a DOI (7.01.1)

Include the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which is like a digital thumbprint: its unique and permanent numbers and letters help identify it. It is typically on the first or last page of the article. It may also be listed in the CrossRef Database. If you are having trouble finding the DOI, ask a librarian. There is no space between "doi:" and the numbers. Do not put a period at the end of the DOI.

Martens comma S period comma & Valchev comma N period parenthesis 2009 parenthesis period Individual differences in the attentional blink colon The important role of irrelevant information period Experimental Psychology comma 56parenthesis 1 parenthesis comma 18-26 period doi colon 10 period 1027/1618-3169 period 56 period 1 period 18

No DOI (7.01.3)

Give the publication's homepage URL (not the database where the article was retrieved).You may need to search the Internet to find its homepage. Do not put a period at the end of the URL.

Montgomery comma M period B period parenthesis 2009 parenthesis period Historical and comparative perspectives on a-prefixing in the English of Appalachia period American Speech comma 84parenthesis 1 parenthesis comma 5-26 period Retrieved from http colon//www dot dukeupress dot edu/americanspeech/

Magazine (7.01.7)

Include the volume number first and the issue number in parentheses.

Rodgers comma J period E period parenthesis 2009 comma January/February parenthesis period Guinea pig nation period Psychology Today comma 42 parenthesis 1 parenthesis comma 84-91 period

Online (7.01.08)

Include the magazine's homepage URL (not the database where you found it). Do not include page numbers for online magazine articles.

Carscaddon comma L period & Harris comma C period S period parenthesis 2009 comma June 15 parenthesis period Working the social colon Twitter and Friendfeed period Library Journal comma 134parenthesis 11 parenthesis period Retrieved from http colon//www dot libraryjournal dot com

Newspaper (7.01.10)

If an article appears on discontinuous pages, list each of the page numbers where it appears. For multiple pages, use "pp."

Hickman comma H period parenthesis 2009 comma September 10 parenthesis period Forum gives insight to candidates’ views period Knoxville News Sentinel comma pp period A1 comma A11 period

Online (7.01.11)

At the end, include the newspaper's homepage URL (not the database where it was retrieved).

Hu comma W period parenthesis 2009 comma September 11 parenthesis period Foreign languages fall as schools look for cuts period The New York Times period Retrieved from http colon//www dot nytimes dot com


After the report title, include the report number, publisher location, and publisher.

Corporate Author or Government Report (7.03.31)

U period S period Department of Health and Human Services comma National Institutes of Health comma National Heart comma Lung comma and Blood Institute period parenthesis 2003 parenthesis period Managing asthma colon A guide for schools parenthesis NIH Publication No period 02-2650 parenthesis period Retrieved from http colon//www dot nhlibi dot nih dot gov/health/prof/lung/asthma/asth_sch dot pdf

Has Author (7.03.33, 7.03.34)

Kessy comma S period S period A period comma & Urio comma F period M period parenthesis 2006 parenthesis period The contribution of microfinance institutions to poverty reduction in Tanzania parenthesis Research Report No period 06 period3 parenthesis period Retrieved from Research on Poverty Alleviation website colon http colon//repoa dot or dot tz/documents_storage/Publication/Reports/06 dot 3_Kessy_and_Urio dot pdf