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New Books: October 2016

Lists new books by month during the academic year.


Teens and body image / Christine Wilcox
BF724.3.B55 W55 2016

Undergraduate writing in psychology: learning to tell the scientific story / R. Eric Landrum
BF76.7 .L36 2012




We are at war: the diaries of five ordinary people in extraordinary times / Simon Garfield
D811.5 .G25 2009

Life in the time of Shakespeare / Hal Marcovitz
DA355 .M323 2015    p0603

The two-state delusion: Israel and Palestine -- a tale of two narratives / Padraig O'Malley
DS119.76 .O45 2015

Saladin: the sultan who vanquished the crusaders and built an Islamic empire / John Man
DS38.4.S2 M36 2016    p0703

Modern Japan / Jonathan Clements
DS822.5 .C59 2014




The first U.S. history textbooks: constructing and disseminating the American tale in the nineteenth century / Barry Alan Joyce
E175.85 .J69 2015

Minorities and the law / Noël Merino, book editor
   E184.A1 M5435 2015

Martha Jefferson: an intimate life with Thomas Jefferson / William G. Hyland, Jr.
E332.25 .H95 2015

The power to die: slavery and suicide in British North America / Terri L. Snyder
E443 .S594 2015


Topsy-turvy: how the Civil War turned the world upside down for Southern children / Anya Jabour
E585.C54 J33 2015

Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald: the evolution of an alleged assassin / Scott P. Johnson
E842.9 .J6427 2013

Tuckaleechee Cove: a passage through time / Boyce N. Driskell
E99.C5 D79 2015


People of the Upper Cumberland: achievements and contradictions / edited by Michael E. Birdwell and W. Calvin Dickinson
F442.2 .P46 2015

 = Also available as an eBook


Britannia obscura: mapping hidden Britain / Joanne Parker
GA791 .P37 2014

What is the impact of green practices? / Tamara Thompson, editor
   GE195 .W49 2016

Holiday symbols and customs: a guide to the legend and lore behind the traditions, rituals, foods, games, animals, and other symbols and activities
GT3930 .T48 2015

Careers in sports and fitness / Debra Schmidt
GV734.3 .S36 2016

Television sports production / Jim Owens
GV742.3 .O96 2016


 = Also available as an eBook


The wealth divide / Noël Merino, editor
   Hc110.E5 W43 2015

Poverty in America / Tamara Thompson, editor
   HC110.P6 P5966 2015

The hustle economy: transforming your creativity into a career / Jason Oberholtzer, editor
HD53 .H87 2016 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

Migrant workers / Roman Espejo, editor
   HD8081.A5 M54 2015

Video games: an introduction to the industry / Andy Bossom
HD9993.E452 B67 2016


Cell phones and driving / Roman Espejo, editor
   HE5620.D59 C452 2015 -- Available in our Hardin Valley AND Blount County campus libraries

How do cell phones affect society? / Andrea C. Nakaya
HE9713 .N35 2015

What are the jobs of the future? / Roman Espejo, editor
   HF5381 .W472 2015

Gung ho! / Kenneth Blanchard
HF5549.5.M63 B557 1998 -- Available in our Hardin Valley AND Division Street campus libraries

Careers in finance / Joanne Mattern
HG173.8 .M37 2016


Writing successful grant proposals / Ellen W. Gorsevski
   HG177 .G67 2016

Wildcat currency: how the virtual money revolution is transforming the economy / Edward Castronova
HG231 .C344 2014

Are social networking sites harmful? / Noah Berlatsky, editor
   HM742 .A742 2015

Does the Internet increase anxiety? / Tamara Thompson, editor
   HM851 .D626 2016 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

How mobile devices are changing society / Harry Henderson
HM851 .H46 2015


Sexting / Roman Espejo, editor
   HQ27 .S4596 2015

Teens and LGBT issues / Christine Wilcox
HQ76.26 .W55 2016

Transgender people / Tamara Thompson, editor
   HQ77.9 .T71592 2015 -- Available in our Blount County AND Magnolia Avenue campus libraries

Violent video games / Roman Espejo, editor
   HQ784.V53 V56 2015

Divorce and children / Roman Espejo, editor
   HQ814 .D622 2015


Teens and substance abuse / Peggy J. Parks
HV4999.Y68 P37 2016

E-cigarettes and vaping / Christine Wilcox
HV5745 .W54 2016 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Heroin addiction / Peggy J. Parks
HV5822.H4 P38 2015

Is legalized marijuana good for society? / Patricia D. Netzley
HV5822.M3 N47 2015

What impact does mental illness have on violent crime? / Patricia D. Netzley
HV6133 .N48 2015


Ghetto brother: warrior to peacemaker / Julian Voloj
   HV6439.U7 V65 2015 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

Future crimes: inside the digital underground and the battle for our connected world / Marc Goodman
HV6773 .G665 2016

Cyberbullying / Stephen Currie
HV6773.15.C92 C874 2016

Spam nation: the inside story of organized cybercrime -- from global epidemic to your front door / Brian Krebs
HV6773.2 .K74 2014

Guns and crime / 
   HV7436 .G87739 2015 -- Available in our Blount County AND Division Street campus libraries

Mass shootings / Andrea C. Nakaya
HV7436 .N353 2016


 = Also available as an eBook


Voter fraud / Sarah Armstrong, editor
   JK1994 .V68 2016

Negative campaigning / Margaret Haerens, editor
   JK2281 .N44 2014 -- Available in our Hardin Valley AND Division Street campus libraries

Immigration reform / Noël Merino, editor
   JV6483 .I557 2016


 = Also available as an eBook


Avenging Lincoln's death: the trial of John Wilkes Booth's accomplices / Thomas J. Reed
KF223.L47 R44 2016



Careers in education / Barbara Sheen
LB1775.2 .S48 2016

Accuplacer Secrets Study Guide: Your Key to Exam Success
LB2353.67 .A34 2016 -- Copies available in each of our campus libraries

How valuable is a college degree? / Noël Merino, editor
   LB2831 .H68 2016


 = Also available as an eBook


Careers in architecture and construction / Barbara Sheen
NA2555 .S54 2016



Novel approaches to anthropology : contributions to literary anthropology / Marilyn Cohen, editor
PN51 .N66 2013

On the graphic novel / Santiago García
PN6710 .N6813 2015

Ray Bradbury's The Martian chronicles: the authorized adaptation / Dennis Calero
PN6727.C26 R39 2011


Invisible ink: my mother's secret love affair with a famous cartoonist: a graphic memoir / Bill Griffith
PN6727.G75 I58 2015 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Soldier's heart: the campaign to understand my WWII veteran father: a daughter's memoir / Carol Tyler
PN6727.T94 Z46 2015

T!m G!nger / Julian Hanshaw
PN6737.H36 T56 2015 -- Available in our Division Street campus library

Two brothers / Fabio Moon
PN6790.B73 M6813 2015


On Silbury Hill / Adam Thorpe
PR6070.H696 O62 2014

Young Eliot: from St. Louis to The Waste Land / Robert Crawford
PS3509.L43 Z6545 2015

Cormac McCarthy's literary evolution: editors, agents, and the crafting of a prolific American author / Daniel Robert King
PS3563.C337 Z75 2016

The Black Crow conspiracy /Christopher Edge
PZ7.E2265 Bl 2016




The passionate programmer: creating a remarkable career in software development / Chad Fowler
QA76.25 .F69 2009

The Go programming language / Alan A.A. Donovan
   QA76.73.G63 D65 2015

The importance of plate tectonic theory / Peggy J. Parks
QE511.4 .P356 2016

Invasive species / 
   QH353 .I58269 2016


The juggler's children: a journey into family, legend and the genes that bind us / Carolyn Abraham
QH447 .A26 2013

The importance of cell theory / John Allen
QH582.5 .A43 2016

The ash tree / Oliver Rackham
QK495.O44 R33 2014

Caffeine / Amy Francis
   QP801.C24 F73 2016


 = Also available as an eBook


Vaccines / Noël Merino, editor
   RA638 .V3313 2015

History of infectious disease pandemics in urban societies / Mark D. Hardt
RA649 .H27 2016

Superfoods / Roman Espejo, editor
   RA784 .S858 2016

What should we eat? / Roman Espejo, editor
   RA784 .W488 2016


How gene therapy is changing society / John Allen
RB155.8 .A45 2016

Black male violence in perspective: toward Afrocentric intervention / P. Tony Jackson
RC451.5.N4 J33 2015

Bipolar disorder / Peggy J. Parks
RC516 .P36 2014

Why a gay person can't be made un-gay: the truth about reparative therapies / Martin Kantor
RC558 .K36 2015 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Internet and social media addiction / Andrea C. Nakaya
RC569.5.I54 N35 2015


Childhood obesity / Tamara Thompson, editor
   RJ399.C6 C47213 2016

Can diets be harmful? / Amy Francis, editor
   RM222.2 .C27537 2016

Deliciously Ella every day: quick and easy recipes for gluten-free snacks, packed lunches and simple meals / Ella Woodward
RM237.86 .W66 2016 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

Synthetic drug addiction / William Dudley
RM316 .D84 2015


 = Also available as an eBook


Urban farming / Tamara Thompson, editor
   S494.5.U72 U76 2014

 = Also available as an eBook


DeWalt construction estimating complete handbook: Excel estimating included / Adam Ding
TH435 .D56 2016

How robotics is changing society / Don Nardo
TJ211.2 .N36 2016

Wind farms / Amy Francis, editor
   TK1541 .W5555 2015

A prehistory of the cloud / Tung-Hui Hu
TK5105.5 .H79 2015


Genetically modified food / Tamara Thompson, editor
   TP248.65.F66 G4574 2015

Biofuels / William Dudley
TP339 .D83 2016

Achieving your potential as a photographer: a photographer's creative companion and workbook / Harold Davis
TR154 .D35 2016

Ethnic American food today: a cultural encyclopedia / Lucy M. Long
TX349 .E86 2015

Organic food / Amy Francis, editor
   TX369 .O647 2015


 = Also available as an eBook


J.P. and the bossy dinosaur / Ana Crespo
PZ7.1.C74 Jaad 2016

Shabbat hiccups / Tracy Newman
PZ7.1.N49 Sh 2016

One more dino on the floor / Kelly Starling Lyons
PZ8.3.L98938 One 2016





RMA annual statement studies / Risk Management Association
HF5681.B2 R6

A dictionary of computer science / 
QA76.15 .D53 2016

Mechanical cost data / 
TH435 .M435

RS Means electrical cost data
TK435 .M42


West's key number system: contains outlines and translation tables for: new topics:... and completely revised topics:...
KF135.57 .W4782 No.Key

Tennessee rules of court
KFT529 .A197

Tennessee forms / Jack W. Robinson
KFT68 .R63

Tennessee practice
KFT80 .T4