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New Books: September 2016

Lists new books by month during the academic year.


Guinness world records 2016
AG243 .G86 2015



The limits of matter: chemistry, mining, and enlightenment / Hjalmar Fors
BD646 .F67 2015

Memory and movies: what films can teach us about memory / John G. Seamon
BF385 .S36 2015

The lively experiment: religious toleration in America from Roger Williams to the present / edited by Chris Beneke and Christopher S. Grenda
BL2525 .L585 2015




Western civilizations: their history & their culture /
CB245 .W4845 2012 <----- Available in our Division Street Library



The deluge: the Great War, America and the remaking of the global order, 1916-1931 / J. Adam Tooze
D523 .T46 2015

Julius Caesar and the transformation of the Roman Republic / Tom Stevenson
DG261 .S74 2015

A long way gone : memoirs of a boy soldier / Ishmael Beah
DT516.828.B43 A3 2008 <----- Available in our Division Street Library




Debating the civil rights movement, 1945-1968 / Steven F. Lawson
E185.61 .L377 2006

Womanpower Unlimited and the Black freedom struggle in Mississippi / Tiyi Makeda Morris
E185.93.M6 M665 2015

Choosing sides: loyalists in revolutionary America / Ruma Chopra
E277 .C545 2013

Mary Lincoln: Southern girl, northern woman / Stacy Pratt McDermott
E457.25.L55 M385 2015




Strategic management for tourism, hospitality and events / Nigel Evans
G155.A1 E927 2015 <----- Available in our Division Street Library

Essentials of physical anthropology / Robert Jurmain
GN60.N43 J87 2017

Tea in China: a religious and cultural history / James A. Benn
GT2907.C6 B46 2015

Playing to win: sports, video games, and the culture of play /
GV1469.34.S52 P54 2015




Just plain data analysis: finding, presenting, and interpreting social science data / Gary M. Klass
HA29 .K58 2012

The age of sustainable development / Jeffrey Sachs
HC79.E5 S2155 2015

Out of sight: the long and disturbing story of corporations outsourcing catastrophe / Erik Loomis
HD2368.U6 L66 2015

Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis / J.D. Vance
HD8073.V37 A3 2016

The effects of globalization in Latin America, Africa, and Asia: a global south perspective / Kema Irogbe
HF1413 .I79 2014


Routledge international handbook of diversity studies
HM1271 .R698 2015 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library

The Wayward woman: progressivism, prostitution and performance in the United States, 1888-1917 / Barbara Antoniazzi
HQ1075.5.U6 A68 2014

Cities that shaped the ancient world
HT114 .C485 2014

Criminology: the core / Larry J. Siegel
HV6025 .S48 2017 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library

Cyber blockades / Alison Lawlor Russell
HV6773.15.C97 R87 2014


Interviewing & interrogation for law enforcement / John Hess
HV8073 .H48 2010 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library

Careers in Criminal Justice / Coy H. Johnston
HV8143 .J642 2015 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library

Careers in law enforcement / Coy H. Johnston
HV8143 .J6424 2017

Bomb squads / Lee Fitzgerald
HV8143.C37 F57 2016

Mounted and canine police / Lee Fitzgerald
HV8143.C37 F58 2016


SWAT teams / Anne Forest
HV8143.C37 F67 2016

Smokejumpers / Emma Jones
HV8143.C37 J66 2016

Hostage negotiators / Katie Kawa
HV8143.C37 K39 2016

Air marshals / Kate Rogers
HV8143.C37 R64 2016

The criminal justice student writer's manual / William A. Johnson
HV9950 .J643 2015 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library




Rightlessness in an age of rights: Hannah Arendt and the contemporary struggles of migrants / Ayten Gundogdu
JC571 .G7863 2015

Lucy Stone: an unapologetic life / Sally G. McMillen
JK1899.S8 M36 2015

The use of force: military power and international politics
JZ1310 .U83 2015




Teaching for creativity in the common core classroom / Ronald A. Beghetto
LB1590.5 .B44 2015

Minds on fire: how role-immersion games transform college / Mark C. Carnes
LB2395.7 .C38 2014

I am Malala: the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban / Malala Yousafzai
LC2330 .Y68 2015 <----- Available in our Division Street and Blount County Libraries (previous edition in Hardin Valley Library)



Louis Armstrong, master of modernism / Thomas David Brothers
ML419.A75 B776 2015



Impossible heights: skyscrapers, flight, and the master builder / Adnan Morshed
NA2543.S6 M67 2015

Classic human anatomy in motion: the artist's guide to the dynamics of figure drawing / Valerie L. Winslow
NC760 .W535 2015

Max Weber: an American Cubist in Paris and London, 1905-15
ND237.W37 A4 2014

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and his landscapes: ideas on nature and art / Corina Kleinert
ND673.R9 K58 2014

Modern mix: curating personal style with chic & accessible finds / Eddie Ross
NK1860 .R67 2015




McGraw-Hill Education's medical Spanish visual phrasebook / Neil Bobenhouse
PC4120.M3 B54 2014

Dirty words & filthy pictures: film and the First Amendment / Jeremy Geltzer
PN1995.62 .G45 2015

The Grand Budapest Hotel: the Wes Anderson Collection /Matt Zoller Seitz
PN1997.2.G735 S45 2015

The Wes Anderson collection / Matt Zoller Seitz
PN1998.3.A526 A5 2013

The improvisation studies reader: spontaneous acts / edited by Rebecca Caines and Ajay Heble
PN2071.I5 I47 2015


World scenography, 1990-2005 / edited by Eric Fielding & Peter McKinnon
PN2091.S8 W668 2014

Ming Cho Lee: a life in design / Arnold Aronson
PN2096.L44 A86 2014

Journalism and eyewitness images: digital media, participation, and conflict / Mette Mortensen
PN4784.T34 M67 2015

Literature and science / Martin Willis
PN55 .W53 2014

Natural supernaturalism: tradition and revolution in romantic literature / by M.H. Abrams
PN603 .A3 1973


The new Oxford book of war poetry / chosen and edited by Jon Stallworthy
PN6110.W28 O93 2015

Bacchus / Eddie Campbell
PN6790.A83 C356 2015

Poets & the peacock dinner: the literary history of a meal / Lucy McDiarmid
PR610 .M35 2014

The war that used up words: American writers and the first world war / Hazel Hutchison
PS228.W37 H88 2015

Faulkner's geographies: [Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2011] / 38th Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference, 2011
PS3511.A86 Z783211 2011


The Selected Letters of Langston Hughes / Langston Hughes ; edited by Arnold Rampersad and David Roessel ; with Christa Fratantoro
PS3515.U274 Z48 2015

The wheeling year: a poet's field book / Ted Kooser
PS3561.O6 W49 2014

Winter's bone: a novel / Daniel Woodrell
PS3573.O6263 W56 2010 <----- Available in our Division Street Library

Fates and furies / Lauren Groff
PS3607.R6344 F38 2015

Crank / Ellen Hopkins
PS3608.O647 C736 2013 <----- Available in our Division Street Library




Clean code: a handbook of agile software craftsmanship
QA76.76.D47 C583 2009

Code complete /Steve McConnell
QA76.76.D47 M39 2004

The clean coder: a code of conduct for professional programmers / Robert C. Martin
QA76.9.M65 M367 2011

Gödel, Escher, Bach: an eternal golden braid / Douglas R. Hofstadter
QA9.8 .H63 1999


Mathematics, poetry and beauty / Ron Aharoni
QA95 .A27413 2015

How to read the solar system: a guide to the stars and planets / Chris North
QB501.2 .N67 2016

Living with thunder: exploring the geologic past, present, and future of the Pacific Northwest / Ellen Morris Bishop
QE79 .B57 2014

The walking whales: from land to water in eight million years / J.G.M. Thewissen
QE882.C5 T484 2015


Urban ecology: science of cities / Richard T.T. Forman
QH541.5.C6 F67 2014

Radical mycology: a treatise on seeing & working with fungi / Peter McCoy
QK603 .M39 2016

The cultural lives of whales and dolphins / Hal Whitehead
QL737.C4 W47 2015

Microbiology: a very short introduction / Nicholas P. Money
QR41.2 .M66 2014 p0703




A primer of human genetics / Greg Gibson
RB155 .G533 2015 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library

Lashley's essentials of clinical genetics in nursing practice / Felissa R. Lashley
RB155 .L37 2016 <----- Available in our Magnolia Avenue Library

Why a gay person can't be made un-gay: the truth about reparative therapies / Martin Kantor
RC558 .K36 2015

The truth about exercise addiction: understanding the dark side of thinspiration /Katherine Schreiber
RC569.5.E94 S37 2015

Menopause: change, choice and HRT / Barry G. Wren
RG186 .W738 2013




Understanding vineyard soils /R.E. White
S597.G68 W45 2015

Grass, soil, hope : a journey through carbon country /Courtney White
S623 .W47 2014

The field guide for actively aerated compost tea (AACT) /Elaine Ingham
S661 .I544 2006




Imagining slaves and robots in literature, film, and popular culture: reinventing yesterday's slave with tomorrow's robot / Gregory Jerome Hampton
T14.5 .H353 2015

Energy revolution: the physics and the promise of efficient technology / Mara Goff Prentiss
TJ163.2 .P735 2015

Make: electronics / Charles Platt
TK7870 .P53 2015

Encyclopedia of electronic components / Charles Platt
TK7870 .P58 2013 0703

The twenty-first century in space / Ben Evans
TL788.5 .E838 2015

Soldiers & suffragettes: the photography of Christina Broom / Anna Sparham
TR820.5 .S63x 2015



A kiss means I love you / Kathryn Madeline Allen
BF637.N66 A45 2016

Show me happy / Kathryn Madeline Allen
BF723.S62 A44 2016

Trombone Shorty / Troy Andrews
Juv. ML3930.A53 A3 2015

The cow who climbed a tree / Gemma Merino
Juv. PZ7.1.M476 Co 2016




Tennessee code annotated / Tennessee Code Commission
KFT30 1955 .A2 <----- Available in our Hardin Valley and Division Street Libraries

Tennessee jurisprudence: an encyclopedia of Tennessee law /
KFT65 .T46 <----- Available in our Division Street Library