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New Books: August 2016

Lists new books by month during the academic year.


Yoga and the pursuit of happiness: a guide to finding joy in unexpected places / Sam Chase
B132.Y6 C565 2016 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

Growing wisdom: an invitation to Western philosophy / Charles E. Cardwell
B790.C856 W355 2016

On romantic love: simple truths about a complex emotion / Berit Brogaard
BD436 .B755 2015

The encyclopedia of witches, witchcraft, and wicca / Rosemary Guiley
BF1566 .G85 2008 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Suspicious minds: why we believe conspiracy theories /Rob Brotherton
BF323.E7 B76 2015


The art of grace: on moving well through life / Sarah L. Kaufman
BH301.G7 K38 2015

Is society becoming less civil? / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
BJ1533.C9 I82 2014

Polish your poise with Madame Chic: lessons in everyday elegance / Jennifer L. Scott
BJ1610 .S3953 2015

Do I have to say hello?: Aunt Delia's manners quiz for kids and their grownups / Delia Ephron
BJ1857.C5 E64 2015

Atheist awakening: secular activism and community in America / Richard P. Cimino
BL2747.3 .C487 2014

Religion and sexuality: diversity and the limits of tolerance / edited by Pamela Dickey Young, Heather Shipley, and Tracy J. Trothen
BL65.S4 R45 2015


Women and Islam: myths, apologies, and the limits of feminist critique / Ibtissam Bouachrine    
BP173.4 .B68 2014

Young Islam: the new politics of religion in Morocco and the Arab World / Avi Spiegel
BP173.7 .S72 2015

The global Jihad movement / Rohan Gunaratna
BP182 .G86 2015

Living out Islam : voices of gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims / Scott Alan    Kugle
BP188.14.H65 K84 2014

God wills it : presidents and the political use of religion / David O'Connell
BR516 .O43 2015




Artifacts From Medieval Europe / James B. Tschen-Emmons
D125 .T73 2015

Women heroes of World War I : 16 remarkable resisters, soldiers, spies, and medics / Kathryn J.    Atwood    
D639.W7 A88 2014

Man's search for meaning / Victor E. Frankl
D810.J4 F72713 2006

Maus : a survivor's tale / Art Spiegelman
D810.J4 S643 1986

Walking home / Clare Balding
DA632 .B342 2014


The last empire: the final days of the Soviet Union / Serhii Plokhy
DK286 .P57 2014

Cursed victory: Israel and the Occupied Territories: a history / Ahron Bregman
DS119.7 .B7139 2015

Unordinary lives: Afghanistan, 2003 - 2009 / Manca Juvan
DS371.4 .J88 2012

Africa : a biography of the continent /    John Reader
DT20 .R43 1997

Histories of the hanged: the dirty war in Kenya and the end of empire / David Anderson
DT433.577 .A53 2005




Facing Change: Documenting America / Leah Bendavid-Val
E169.Z83 B445 2015

Slavery by another name: the re-enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II / Douglas A. Blackmon
E185.2 .B545 2009

Color stories: Black women and colorism in the 21st century / JeffriAnne Wilder 
E185.625 .W5195 2015

My time with the Kings: a reporter's recollections of Martin, Coretta and the civil rights movement / Kathryn Johnson
E185.96 .J689 2016


Alex Haley and the books that changed a nation / Robert J. Norrell
E185.97.H24 N68 2015

Planning the American Indian reservation: from theory to empowerment / Nicholas C. Zaferatos 
E93 .Z34 2015

American Indian culture: from counting coup to wampum / Bruce E. Johansen, editor.
E98.S7 A443 2015

Inuit lives / Kenn Harper
E99.E7 H37 2013


At the core and in the margins: incorporation of Mexican immigrants in two rural Midwestern communities / Julia Albarracin
F550.M5 A43 2016



GIS fundamentals: a first text on geographic information systems / Paul Bolstad
G70.212 .B64 2012

Getting to know ArcGIS / Michael Law
G70.212 .L39 2015

Earth stewardship: linking ecology and ethics in theory and practice
GE42 .E24 2015

An introduction to human-environment geography: local dynamics and global processes / William G. Moseley
GF43 .M67 2014

Indigenous peoples, national parks, and protected areas : a new paradigm linking conservation, culture, and rights / edited by Stan Stevens.
GF75 .I54 2014


Pachamama tales: folklore from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay / Paula Martin
GR130 .M37 2014

Folktales from the Arabian Peninsula: tales of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen / Nadia Jameel Taibah
GR275 .T35 2016

Rice, noodle, fish: deep travels through Japan's food culture /    Matt Goulding
GT2853.J3 G68 2015

Bang Bang: my life in ink / Bang Bang
GT5960.T362 U63 2015

Running free: a runner's journey back to nature / Richard Askwith
GV1061 .A85 2014




The system worked: how the world stopped another great depression / Daniel W. Drezner
HB3722 .D74 2014

How to speak money: what the money people say -- and what it really means / John Lanchester
HB62 .L36 2015

Global information society: technology, knowledge, and mobility / Mark I. Wilson
HC79.I55 W566 2013

The next Africa: an emerging continent becomes a global powerhouse / Jake Bright
HC800 .B734 2015

Foolproof: why safety can be dangerous and how danger makes us safe / Greg Ip
HD61 .I6 2015

Business consulting in a multicultural America / Thaddeus Spratlen
HF5415 .S727 2016


Power branding: leveraging the success of the world's best brands / Steve McKee
HF5415.1255 .M42 2014

The marketing plan handbook: develop big-picture marketing plans for pennies on the dollar / Robert W. Bly
HF5415.13 .B559 2015 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

From Main Street to mall: the rise and fall of the American department store / Vicki Howard
HF5465.U4 H69 2015

Microsoft Office 2016 step by step / Joan Lambert
HF5548.4.M525 L36 2015

Ethnography for the Internet: embedded, embodied and everyday / Christine Hine
HM851 .H558 2015


Understanding social problems / Linda A. Mooney
HN59.2 .M66x 2015 -- Available in our Division Street campus library

Race, class, and gender: an anthology / [compiled by] Margaret L. Andersen, Patricia Hill Collins
HN59.2 .R32 2016

An introduction to Japanese society / Yoshio Sugimoto
HN723 .S7 2014

Framing class: media representations of wealth and poverty in America / Diana Elizabeth Kendall
HN90.M3 K46 2011

New directions in public opinion / edited by Adam J. Berinsky
HN90.P8 N49 2016

Women's America: refocusing the past / edited by Linda K. Kerber ... [et al.].
HQ1426 .W663 2015 -- Available in our Blount County campus library


Modern families: parents and children in new family forms / Susan Golombok
HQ755.8 .G654 2015

The new motherhoods: patterns of early child care in contemporary culture / edited by Salman Akhtar.
HQ759 .N49 2016

The moral defense of homosexuality: why every argument against gay rights fails / Chris Meyers
HQ76.5 .M49 2015

Modern romance / Aziz Ansari
HQ801 .A595 2015

Don't just "sign"-- communicate!: a student's guide to ASL and the deaf community / Michelle Jay
HV2474 .J396 2011

The people of the eye: deaf ethnicity and ancestry / Harlan L. Lane
HV2530 .L36 2011


Immigration and America's cities: a handbook on evolving services / edited by Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III and Roger L. Kemp
HV4010 .I44 2016

The history of street gangs in the United States: their origins and transformations / James C. Howell
HV6439.U5 H6794 2015 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Wanted: the outlaw lives of Billy the Kid & Ned Kelly / Robert M. Utley
HV6441 .U754 2015

Extreme killing: understanding serial and mass murder /    James Alan Fox
HV6529 .F685 2015

Forensics : what bugs, burns, prints, DNA, and more tell us about crime / Val McDermid
HV8073 .M3327 2015

An eye for an eye: a global history of crime and punishment / Mitchel P. Roth
HV8501 .R68 2014




The conservative heart: how to build a fairer, happier, and more prosperous America / Arthur C. Brooks
JC573.2.U6 B77 2015

America ascendant: a revolutionary nation's path to addressing its deepest problems and leading the 21st century / Stanley B. Greenberg
JK1726 .G734 2015

Polarized: the rise of ideology in American politics / Steven E. Schier
JK1726 .S34 2016

Minorities and representation in American politics / Rebekah Herrick
JK1764 .H46 2017

Parties and elections in America: the electoral process / Mark D. Brewer
JK1965 .M35 2016


The state of the parties: the changing role of contemporary American parties / edited by John C. Green, Daniel J. Coffey, and David B. Cohen
JK2261 .S824 2014

The President's book of secrets: the untold story of intelligence briefings to America's presidents, from Kennedy to Obama / David Priess
JK468.I6 P745 2016

Tennessee blue book, 2015-2016
JK5230 .T4

Presidential elections: strategies and structures of American politics / Nelson W. Polsby
JK528 .P63 2016

Everyday illegal: when policies undermine immigrant families / Joanna Dreby
JV6483 .D74 2015

Whose child am I?: unaccompanied, undocumented children in U.S. immigration custody / Susan J. Terrio
JV6600 .T47 2015




Car safety wars: one hundred years of technology, politics, and death /    Michael R. Lemov
KF2212 .L46 2015

Speak now: marriage equality on trial: the story of Hollingsworth v. Perry / Kenji Yoshino
KF229.H654 Y67 2015

The end of American labor unions: the right-to-work movement and the erosion of collective bargaining / Raymond L. Hogler
KF3408 .H64 2015


Diversity matters: judicial policy making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals / Susan B. Haire
KF8775 .H35 2015

Inside the cell: the dark side of forensic DNA / Erin E. Murphy
KF9666.5 .M87 2015



A crash course in lesson planning: [how to create content for effective teaching and attentive learning] / Laurie Powell
LB1025.3 .P85 2016

Reading picture books with children: how to shake up storytime and get kids talking about what they see / Megan Dowd Lambert
LB1044.9.P49 L36 2015

Developing young minds: from conception to kindergarten / Rebecca Shore
LB1139.23 .S58 2015

American education in a global society: international and comparative perspectives / Gerald Lee Gutek
LC1090 .G86 2006 -- Available in our Blount County campus library



To stretch our ears: a documentary history of America's music /
ML200 .T67 2002 -- Available in our Blount County campus library in the Reserve Room

Hearing the movies: music and sound in film history / James Buhler
ML2075 .B84 2016

Love songs: the hidden history / Ted Gioia
ML2854 .G56 2015

Hip-hop within and without the academy / Karen Snell
ML3531 .S66 2014


All you need to know about the music business / Donald S. Passman
ML3790 .P35 2015

Petty: the biography / Warren Zanes
ML410.P3135 Z36 2015

Musical Instruments of The Southern Appalachian Mountains / John Rice Irwin
ML476 .I79 1983 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

The steel band game plan: strategies for starting, building, and maintaining your pan program / Chris Tanner
MT734 .T36 2007




Madame Cézanne / Dita Amory
N6853.C45 A4 2014

The Cistercian arts: from the 12th to the 21st century /
N7853.5 .C58 2014 [OVERSIZE]

In a new light: Giovanni Bellini's "St. Francis in the Desert" / Susannah Rutherglen
ND623.B39 A73 2015




Essential grammar in use: a self-study reference and practice book for elementary learners of English (with answers) / Raymond Murphy
PE1128 .M77763 2015

Propaganda performed: kamishibai in Japan's fifteen year war / Sharalyn Orbaugh
PN1979.K3 O73 2015

The comic book film adaptation: exploring modern Hollywood's leading genre / Liam P. Burke
PN1997.85 B87 2015

Our own image: a story of a Māori filmmaker / Barry Barclay
PN1998.3.B44 A3 2015

Lois Weber in early Hollywood / Shelley Stamp
PN1998.3.W4 S73 2015

Oxford dictionary of quotations
PN6080 .O95 2014


Poetry for a lifetime: all-time favorite poems to delight and inspire all ages
PN6101 .P53 2014

Comics as history, comics as literature: roles of the comic book in scholarship, society, and entertainment / 
PN6714 .C653 2014

The comics of Joe Sacco: journalism in a visual world / 
PN6727.S14 C66 2015

The house of the spirits: a novel / Isabel Allende
PQ8098.1.L54 C313 2015

Shakespeare for students: critical interpretations of Shakespeare's plays and poetry / Anne Marie Hacht, editor
PR2987 .S47 2007 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Shakespeare and political theatre in practice /  A.J Hartley
PR3091 .H388 2013


William Wordsworth's poetry: a reader's guide / Daniel Robinson
PR5888 .R55 2010

William Wordsworth and the theology of poverty / Heidi J. Snow
PR5892.R4 S66 2013

Keeping an eye open: essays on art / Julian Barnes
PR6052.A6657 K44 2015

Northanger Abbey / Val McDermid
PR6063.C37 N67 2014

Brooklyn: a personal memoir -- with the lost photographs of David Attie / Truman Capote
PS3505.A59 Z469 2015

Freaks I've met / Donald Jans
PS3610.A586 F74 2015


Rainbow Jordan / Alice Childress
PZ7.C4412 Rai 1982 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

J.P. and the giant octopus / Ana Crespo
PZ7.1.C74 Jaah 2015 [JUVENILE]

J.P. and the polka-dotted aliens: feeling angry / Ana Crespo
PZ7.1.C74 Jaam 2015 [JUVENILE]

Of better blood / Susan Moger
PZ7.1.M638 Of 2016

Mallory's world from A to Z / Edward Francisco
PZ7.3 .F73 Mal 2016 [JUVENILE]

Princess Cupcake Jones and the missing tutu / Yllea Fields ; illustrated by Michael LaDuca
PZ7.F545 Pri 2013 [JUVENILE] -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

Bone Gap / Laura Ruby
PZ7.R83138 Bon 2015




The power of scientific knowledge: from research to public policy / Reiner Grundmann
Q175.5 .G78 2012

Programming: a primer (coding for beginners) / Tom Bell
QA76.6 .B4367 2016

Cracking the coding interview : 189 programming questions and solutions / Gayle Laakmann McDowell
QA76.6 .M34 2015

Grokking algorithms: an illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people / Aditya Y. Bhargava
QA76.9.A43 B474 2016

The impact of discovering life beyond Earth / 
QB54 .I47 2015

Climate terror: a critical geopolitics of climate change / Sanjay Chaturvedi
QC903.2.D44 C68 2015


Body by Darwin: how evolution shapes our health and transforms medicine / Jeremy Taylor
QH366.2 .T374 2015

Cloning: a reference handbook / David E. Newton
QH442.2 .N495 2015

The developing genome: an introduction to behavioral epigenetics / David Scott Moore
QH450 .M68 2015

The cell: a visual tour of the building block of life /    Jack Challoner
QH582.4 .C425 2015

A fairytale in question: historical interactions between humans and wolves /
QL737.C22 F35 2015

The eye: a very short introduction / Michael F. Land
QL949 .L263 2014

Anatomy and physiology for nurses at a glance / Ian Peate
QP38 .P43 2015 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library




Learn medical terminology in 2015: essential English-Spanish medical terms / José Luis Levya
R121 .L49 2015

HESI Admission Assessment exam review /
R838 .E96 2017

Critical government documents on health care / Don Philpott
RA395.A3 P45 2015 -- Available in our Magnolia Avenue campus library

All the things we never knew / Sheila Hamilton
RC516 .H359 2015

Looking inside the brain: the power of neuroimaging / Denis Le Bihan 
RC78.7.N83 L413 2015


Shouting won't help: why I--and 50 million other Americans--can't hear you / Katherine Bouton
RF290 .B58 2014

Hear again: back to life with a cochlear implant / Arlene Romoff
RF305 .R65 1999

Always hungry? : conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells, and lose weight permanently / David Ludwig
RM222.2 .L74 2016

Nurse's pocket guide: diagnoses, prioritized interventions, and rationales, 14th edition / Marilynn E. Doenges
RT48.6 .D64 2016




Integrated forest gardening: the complete guide to polycultures and plant guilds in permaculture systems / Wayne Weiseman
SB454.3.E35 W45 2014

Animal companions : pets and social change in eighteenth-century Britain / Ingrid H. Tague
SF411.36.G7 T34 2015

The old man and the cat: a love story / Nils Uddenberg
SF442.82 .U4413 2015




Sustainable composites: fibers, resins and applications /
TA418.9.C6 S87 2015

International Building Code Illustrated Handbook / Douglas W. Thornburg
TH420 .T46 2015

CSS secrets: better solutions to everyday web design problems / Lea Verou
TK5105.888 .V466 2015

Digital electronics: a primer -- introductory logic circuit design / Mark Nixon
TK7868.D5 N52 2015

Spies and shuttles: NASA's secret relationships with the DOD and CIA / James E. David
TL789.8.U5 D26 2015

Fracking / 
TN278 .F733 2015


Hold still: a memoir with photographs /    Sally Mann
TR140.M345 A3 2015

Paul Strand: master of modern photography / Paul Strand
TR647 .S85 2014 [OVERSIZE]

Landmark: the fields of landscape photography / William A. Ewing
TR660.5 .E95 2014

American ballads: the photographs of Marty Stuart / Marty Stuart
TR817 .S74 2014

The carrot purple and other curious stories of the food we eat / Joel Denker
TX353 .D4329 2015

Dinner pies: from shepherd's pies and pot pies to turnovers, quiches, hand pies, and more, with 100 delectable & foolproof recipes / Ken Haedrich
TX693 .H25 2015

Nashville eats : hot chicken, buttermilk biscuits, and 100 more Southern recipes from Music City / Jennifer Justus
TX715.2.S68 J87 2015



A history of counterinsurgency
U241 .H57 2015



The picture book almanac: picture books and activities to celebrate 365 familiar and unusual holidays / Nancy Polette
Z1033.P52 P65 2016

Better library design: ideas from Library journal / 
Z679.55 .B46 2016

Marketing and social media: a guide for libraries, archives, and museums / Christie Koontz
Z716.3 .K67 2014

Get real with storytime: 52 weeks of early literacy programming with nonfiction and poetry / Julie Dietzel-Glair
Z718.3 .D545 2016



IPC, international plumbing code: 2015 IPSDC, international private sewage disposal code / International Code Council
K3542 .I58 2014    2015

Immigration law for paralegals / Maria Isabel Casablanca
KF4819.85 .C375 2015 -- Available in our Division Street campus library

Significant changes to the International building code / Douglas W. Thornburg
KF5701.I524 T497 2015

Tennessee code annotated, 
KFT30 .A22

Tennessee circuit court practice / Lawrence A. Pivnick
KFT530 .P5 -- Available in our Division Street campus library

Tennessee decisions: cases decided in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals
KFT57 .T46 -- Available in our Division Street campus library

Tennessee practice 
KFT80 .T4 -- Available in our Division Street campus library

MLA Handbook, 2016
LB2369 .G53 2016 -- Available in all five Pellissippi campus libraries

PDR: nurse's drug handbook
RM301.28 P37 2015 -- Available in our Blount County campus library

Significant changes to the international residential code / Stephen A. Van Note
TH4815.5 .V37 2015 -- Available in our Hardin Valley and Magnolia Avenue campus libraries