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Faculty Services: Adding Audio to PowerPoint

Add Audio or Video to Your PowerPoint Presentation

You can now add an audio or video clip from our PSCC Databases to your PowerPoint presentation!  Follow the steps on the tabs to the right to insert links that will play during your presentation.  

You can use the links below to browse our music and video databases for songs, clips, or full length videos to use in your presentation.  Our Find Media: Audio Collections Guide and Find Media: Streaming Video Guide also offer more options for searching for multimedia.   

To insert a link to your audio or video clip into your PowerPoint presentation:

First, open your PowerPoint presentation.  

Select the location where you want to add your audio/video clip.  

Type the words you want to be your link, such as "Play Song" or the song title.  

Highlight the words in your PowerPoint presentation that will be your link.  

Click the Insert tab at the top of your PowerPoint presentation, then click Hyperlink.  

Copy the following EZProxy link (right-click and select "copy"):


Return to your PowerPoint presentation, and paste or type the EZProxy link into the Address box of the Hyperlink window (right-click and select "paste"), but do not close the Insert Hyperlink window.

Before you close the Insert Hyperlink window, return to the database that has the clip you want to use.  

Highlight the URL in the browser and copy it.  


Return to your PowerPoint presentation and paste the link into the Address boxof the Hyperlink window so that it immediately follows the EZProxy link with no spaces, forming one long link.  

Click OK.  


Make sure to save your PowerPoint presentation. 


To check your link, make sure you are on the slide with the audio/video link.  

Click the SlideShow tab at the top of your presentation, then click From Current Slide.  

Next, click the audio/video link you created.  The clip should start to play in the database online automatically.  

If you do not hear or see your clip, check that you have internet access and that the volume is turned up on your computer.   

Embedding an audio clip in PowerPoint presentations is quick and easy if you have an audio file saved on your computer to use - instead of a clip in a Database.  

Just click the Insert tab at the top of your presentation, then click Audio, select Audio from File, and choose your file.  

Click and drag the icon that appears in your PowerPoint to the location you prefer.  

If asked, select "Start on Click."  

To change the color of the icon, click the icon, then open the Format tab, then select the Color dropdown menu and choose your color.  Save your presentation.  

Note that the audio file may not play if you open your presentation on a different computer that does not have the same audio file saved in the same place.  Be sure to check your presentation on another computer to make sure it works before you give your presentation.  

Follow the directions in Step 4 to check your presentation and make sure your audio clip works.