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Collection Development: Subject Librarians

Subject Librarian Support

Subject Librarians are responsible for a department or program.

Contact your subject librarian to:

  • Identify resources to support your curriculum
  • Arrange research instruction for your students
  • Inform us about upcoming student research projects
  • Update a subject guide or create a class guide
  • Recommend new library resources
  • Receive reports for academic program review and accreditation
  • Help you find Open Education Resources
  • Help you research

Subject Librarians

Accounting Naomi Williams 865.329.3111
Administrative Professional Technology Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Advertising Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Agriculture Holly Dean 865.539.7237
American Sign Language Susan Martel 865.539.7047
Anthropology Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Art Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Biology Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
Botany Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Business Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Chemistry Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Child & Family Studies Naomi Williams 865.329.3111
Chinese Susan Martel 865.539.7047
Communication Graphics Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Communications Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Computer Information Technology Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Culinary Arts Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
Early Childhood Education Will Buck 865.981.5326
Design for Web & Print Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Education Will Buck 865.981.5326
Economics Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Engineering Susan Martel 865.539.7047
English & ESOL Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
French Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Geography Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Geology Holly Dean 865.539.7237
German Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Health Sciences Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
History Peter Nerzak 865.694.6517
Hospitality Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
Information Systems Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Interior Design Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Journalism Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Management Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Mathematics Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Modern Languages & Culture Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Music Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Nursing Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
Paralegal Studies Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
Philosophy Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Photography Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Physical Education Lauren Rider 865.971.5215
Physics Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Political Science Peter Nerzak 865.694.6517
Psychology Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Social Work Naomi Williams 865.329.3111
Sociology Holly Dean 865.539.7237
Spanish Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Speech Stephanie C Gillespie 865.539.7106
Surveying Susan Martel 865.539.7047
Theatre Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Video Production Jennifer Mezick 865.694.6520
Web Design Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Web Technology Janine Pino 865.694.6621
Women's Studies Susan Martel 865.539.7047
Welding Susan Martel 865.539.7047
Name Subject Area Phone email
Peter Nerzak History, Political Science 865.694.6517
Holly Dean Advertising, Agriculture, Anthropology, Botany, Business, Economics, Finance, Geography, Interior Design, Psychology, Sociology  865.539.7237
Stephanie C Gillespie Communications, English, ESOL, French, German, Journalism, Modern Languages & Culture, Spanish, Speech 865.539.7106
Will Buck Education, Early Childhood Education, 865.981.5326
Susan Martel American Sign Language, Chinese, Engineering, Surveying, Welding, Women's Studies 865.539.7047
Jennifer Mezick Art, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, Photography, Physics, Theatre, Video Production 865.694.6520
Janine Pino Administrative Professional TechnologyComputer Information Technology, Communication Graphics, Design for Web & Print, Information Systems, Philosophy, Web Design, Web Technology 865.694.6621
Lauren Rider Biology, Culinary Arts, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Nursing, Paralegal Studies, Physical education 865.971.5215
Naomi Williams Accounting, Child & Family Studies, Education, Early Childhood Education, Social Work 865.329.3111
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